• Podcast: Strategies of Control: The Sacred and Profane.

    The podcast for Indelible, a documentary media project in progress for the week of July 2, 2018. This podcast introduces new observations and reveals additional facts: The media and controlling the messengers: More facts regarding the death of Richard Lyall. Why RFK Jr’s bold move to ask that his father’s assassination case be reopened is important… Continue Reading

  • The Misrule of Law: Former Kids in Poverty

    An excerpt from a documentary about another young man from poverty near the same area of California, dusing the same time, as the former kids described in the Indelible project. This young man was targeted and then trained with a specific kind of exploitive and invasive military training that impacted him for the rest of his life.… Continue Reading

  • Video Podcast: Indelible Documentary

    This is a rare video Podcast for Indelible, the documentary in progress for The week of June 17, 2018. In this podcast I go on camera to read a letter I wrote to the Parole Commission in support of the release of the former kid survivor from Federal Prison where he is being held illegally… Continue Reading