• The Fourth Review

    This is the podcast for Indelible, the documentary film in progress for the week of November 4, 2016. This podcast reviews the fourth installment of Carl Harp’s FBI file, obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request. It is fairly brief but has some key documents related to Harp’s criminal charges, as well has his… Continue Reading

  • Zombie | The Cranberries

    A song from the 1990’s about the conflict in Ireland. But it reminds me of my own country’s attitude about violence and the ease with which poor underage kids from the US are trained and destroyed in covert programs to serve undeclared and declared war efforts, and have been for decades. This is related to… Continue Reading

  • Norse Myth, Wagner, Perceval and the Hero

    A lecture by Manley P. Hall from some years ago. He goes into great detail about the role of various Norse deities and symbols and how their references align with similar forms from other parts of the world. He then discusses Wagner’s work on the Ring Cycle and how these concepts reveal a larger story… Continue Reading

  • The FBI’s Folly

    This is the podcast for Indelible, the documentary in progress for the week of October 12, 2016. I finally had a chance to review the third installment of Harp’s alleged FBI file, provided in response to a Freedom of Information Act request. The image above is from these documents. It is the earliest photo I… Continue Reading

  • Water Protectors are Important

    If your water is polluted by accidents from pipelines or other contaminants as in Flint MI, you have to purchase water to survive. And purchased water provides a huge profit for someone, and also gives the seller of that water control over its contents. #noDAPL

  • On Holding Ground

    This is the podcast for the week of October 6, 2016, for Indelible, an experimental documentary film in progress. Considering the depth of experience for a moment in time. A monentary expression after a few weeks of turmoil. I have been unable to review the last installment I received of FBI documents from Harp’s file… Continue Reading

  • A Gazing Pool Contained

    Confinment or restraint is limited in its ability to remove beauty from your life—as long as you have a store of images in your memory that you can recall at will. I have been building a store of my own images. I consider it to be a discipline or sorts–to store the images of beauty… Continue Reading

  • Tesla describes his creative process.

    A reading from Tesla describing his creative process when inventing his devices. It describes the function of mental imaging prior to engaging in production. It shows the importance of artists and others to value a skill that comes naturally to them but is often considered useless, or even a form of illness, in many western fields.… Continue Reading

  • Podcast | The Father’s Compass

    This is the podcast for Indelible: The Love & Rage of Carl L. Harp, a documentary in progress for the week of September 16, 2016. Father Beh was a witness at Walla Walla State Penitentiary during the years 1979 through 1981. He marked the injuries of prisoners on a wall that authorities hoped would remain… Continue Reading