Independence Day

I am following Tangerine Bolen, and creating a list of people who I am grateful for and who I feel have contributed to our great country this past year. Without their tremendous effort it is likely the freedom we depend on would be greatly diminished.

Glenn Greenwald

Edward Snowden

Alexa O’Brien

Daneil Ellsberg

Chris Hedges

Pierre Pradervand

Tangerine Bolen

Max Wilbert

Laura Poitras

Sarah Harrison

Julian Assange and his mother, Christine Assange

Carl L. Harp, who turned his nightmare into light so long ago.

And last but not least, my father, journalist Richard Lyall who I only learned recently gave his life in order to follow a story about our country, so long ago.

And everyone else who I have not mentioned who had the courage to withstand the pressure from those who are merely unaware that we are all connected and effect each other with each action we take. The courage to stand with an open heart towards all, no matter what you face, is the greatest gift you can possess. It is the only way to have a world without war. And although some may not understand the value of a time without violence, that is only because they have not been able to experience it. As I sit and write this I hear the fire works in the background, which are symbols of violence turned to experiences of freedom and joy. My hope is for my country, and those who lead it, to see that war and deceit, surveillance and trickery are useless activities when there is so much more that might be.



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