Performance Number Two: The FBI documents, Installment Two


This is the podcast for Indelible: The Love & Rage of Carl L. Harp, a documentary in progress, for the week of September 5, 2016.

Carl Harp was murdered in his prison cell thirty-five years ago, on September 5, 1981. I dedicate this podcast to the memory of Carl L. Harp and the creative work he tried to achieve in the last years of his life.

This podcast discusses the second installment of documents from the FBI, which were to contain Carl Harp’s FBI file, which I received via FedEx last week.

If you have any questions about the FBI documents or want copies of what I have mentioned please feel free to reach out to me via the FB page for Indelible, or the email address on my contact page here on nFold, ( foldology AT nFold DOT net ). I am leaving out specific names in case people the documents mention would prefer to not be named publicly. If I include them in the film’s narrative, I will ask their permission prior to using their name.

If you plan on playing the podcast from this site, (nfold), then  choose the Download button below, if you are using an Apple mobile device. It just opens the player in a new window directly.  I prefer to choose iTunes, which is linked below as well.

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