No Carrot Following

It’s an important moment when you realize it is time to no longer follow the carrot that has been held out in front of you. How did you come to that moment in time? Perhaps by quietly  tracing from the carrot to the stick, to the arm, and then looking up at the face of the one doing the dangling. You ask yourself, why did I not look up its source from the beginning? Instead you realized you just followed the carrot, thinking, if I am just strong enough all will be OK, as that is what is promised, that is what is taught… But it’s a false teaching when living within a dominant culture that has lost its empathy. In an environment made up of little “Mafias”. You follow the “family” and feed their pocketbook, or you face your demise. Mafia here is used metaphorically.

The carrot is held out to offer you a belief in your own survival or that of your loved ones. But there will be no survival. The truth is, it is offered to keep you on a specific path, designed by the “family”. The family of corruption which has now spread so far and wide.

Cut the string on the carrot. Find your true path. We all have one.


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