A letter to Senator Feinstein: Expand your ban on Assault Rifles

Diane Feinstein is proposing a ban on assault rifles in the US for the general population after the recent shooting in Florida. I wrote the following letter to her asking her to add language which limits their access or use by law enforcement as well. Please consider contacting her to add this language.

Below is a link to her email.


Dear Senator Feinstein—

I learned recently that you are proposing a ban on assault rifles in the United States so citizens in the general population will not have access to them. I applaud this effort, but only if you also include they be banned from use by Law Enforcement, both local, state, and federal, or military, against US citizens, _unless_ congress declares an act of war against its own citizens or a war on US soil.

Certainly these weapons only belong on the battlefield as they are only intended to mow down groups of human beings. But we have seen them wrongfully used during the Standing Rock protests, where peaceful citizens stood in prayer protesting a legitimate threat against their land and water by a corporation. The message was that these law enforcement agencies so armed with assault rifles intended to mow down these unarmed citizens. This is clearly an abuse of power that continues to expand over time. This is of concern.

Clearly there is a call to ban these weapons by parents and families of innocent victims of mass shootings in public settings including schools. These shootings have been going on for over five decades. And research shows that there is much misinformation provided to the public regarding them. We certainly don’t want to see such violence used to achieve an end that only serves those in power—whether political power or the power brought through wealth—who appear to exploit their power in support of profit.

If your bill is truly created out of a desire to protect innocent citizens then adding to it language that prevents such weapons being used by law enforcement against US citizens on US soil should be reasonable to include. Especially if we require the only legitimate use of such weapons be if congress declares a war, where they may be used in the battlefield.

Thank-you for your consideration,

Marta Lyall
Seattle WA

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