Podcast: To the US Parole Commission Regarding DuFur.

A video Podcast for Indelible, the documentary in progress for The week of June 17, 2018.

A letter written to the US Parole Commission in support of the release of Artie Ray DuFur. He completed his sentence as of May 2016, but is being held illegally primarily because of actions by the Department of Homeland Security, organized by former customs agents and DEA personnel, who may have a conflict of interest and have a reason for wanting DuFur to remain incarcerated that is outside the law.

DuFur is one of the “kid survivors” in the Indelible documentary (in progress). His experience is outlined in a video on the Indelible YouTube channel, called “The Hide”. I decided to read the letter and discuss it on camera, in order to provide viewers with more of a sense of my intention behind writing the letter.

Exhibits mentioned in the letter and sent to the Parole Commission:

Article in the Seattle Times showing the correct date of the shooting and providing the name of the former DEA agent who was a major witness in the trial of DuFur, and has published the wrong date of the shooting. 

Article in the Seattle Times describing the drug bust and investigation, providing a date of two days prior to the shooting.

An editorial in the Seattle Times by an unnamed editor, linking by date the shooting and the drug bust. This countered the ten articles published by the Seattle times, earlier, which gave the wrong date of the shooting. The Times never corrected the date. 


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