Citizen Data Explorer: Dave Feldman

Engineer Dave Feldman creates data sets of his own blood chemistry and uses it in conversations with scientists to poke them into new considerations. My sense decades ago was that artists could do the same, if those in the sciences could treat them openly as researchers who can expand beyond the boundaries they can not breach due to the limitations of their disciplines. I found that in academia scientists feared such an acknowledging of artists unless they would accept the role as merely illustrators of scientific data and practice. It was hard to find true collaborations, but not entirely impossible.

Dave Feldman does such a good job with his data that scientists take him seriously until it starts to challenge their “space”, where they make their money.  (You can see this in this conversation). Dave persists. I will find it interesting to see if Dave will succeed over time. I think he will. I think now is the time. 

His studies are all about glucose, insulin and the Ketogenic diet. For now. 

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