Washington’s Bill Passes to Erase the History of the Poor.

I just wrote to Governor Inslee about this bill. Please contact his office and object. This will harm history and erase the history of the poor. 


I just learned the  Governor may soon sign a bill that would allow human corpses to be quickly turned into mulch for profit. A few years ago I would have seen no problem with this but now I strongly object. A human body is a record, that over time may be the only record we have of our history. It is the bones of ancient people that tell the story of histories unwritten. 

I have been working on a documentary project regarding a man who was wrongly accused of a crime he did not commit. (http://nfold.net/indelible ) Washington law enforcement, with the help of other state staff held his body for six months after his murder in prison, when his wife thought he was buried in Seattle. They then illegally moved it without a required burial permit to Richland, without her consent and cremated it in a military crematorium. A few months later someone changed the date of his death on the death certificate to match the date of his cremation. I requested the affidavit of correction which would show who made this change and state employees were told to keep it from being public. This document is a public record. 

It is very important we respect the bodies of the deceased as important public records and for many they are also sacred. 

Please do not sign this bill. The ways such practices might be abused by corrupt authorities are endless. And it will be the poor who will lose their place in history.


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