The Heart is an Eye.

The heart is an “eye”, (Octavio Paz). 

If you stay connected to your heart, if you still feel, then you remain connected to what some call your natural intuition. Your heart is a brain. It allows you to sense what your mind might be too busy to perceive. Your heart is the foundation of your creativity and thriving. And for your capacity to help others thrive. 

Those who remain in the throes of corruption will often sacrifice their heart and become cynical because they feel it necessary, even if this choice is done unconsciously. Some are trained to block their heart (soldiers). So they can kill and torture others.

Social and traditional media publish stories that throw us into anger and fear. Poverty or the threat of poverty does the same. Betrayal by those who we trusted does the same. Gaslighting is a perfect tool to do the same only the result can be self-doubt rather than anger. But the outcome is the same: we become terrified, filled with paralyzing fear, or fear that does not serve us but instead harms us. Our demise becomes certain on such a path. 

When we come into such a state of fear, our heart is blocked. We can not listen to it. We become dumb. Our spirits become eaten (as Trudell would say). This is a useful state for any oppressor. Any enemy. Any corrupt faction. 

The remedy to keep us safe from such a loss is to spend time daily on what we want to see, using our imagination. Because this opens our heart, so we can learn and be guided through its wisdom. 

If I become angry with your betrayal, a piece of my heart becomes stone-like. I lose capacity to perceive. I lose capacity to imagine something better. If I can not imagine a better outcome I am doomed to the one created by images based in fear. And these always are destructive and filled with death: Death of heart, death of mind, death of health. Death is rigidity. So I release betrayal as soon as possible. Releasing betrayal is sometimes called forgiveness. But that word is often misinterpreted. I don’t like it. 

Creating vulnerability/isolation and then betrayal is a two-step military psyop. It’s a weapon. The anecdote is to imagine what your heart is telling you, even if you can’t see it when you open your eyes. And then to remain steady even amidst constant stones being thrown at you. In fact, if you can truly remain open-hearted and active in your own vision amidst a constant deadly storm of stones, that rip your flesh and tear at your gut, then you have reached a state of mastery and freedom that will not end. Your spirit will not be able to be eaten. This comes from inside actions. Not external “help”. Mastery is within. 

My lessons. For which I am grateful.

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