Considering Justice on All Sides.

Ammon Bundy is a strong advocate for People’s Rights. He put out these statements today, May 31, 2020, after he learned of an upcoming protest in Boise ID, near his current home. This event comes after days of protests because of the wrongful killing of George Floyd, in Minneapolis by a police officer.

From what I can glean from watching videos of the event, this was a filmed execution for a purpose. What purpose? I can not answer that question at the moment. Never-the-less, there have been massive riots globally, and most big cities are now shut down with curfews, including Seattle.

Martial Law has been in place in most states since March 2020, because of Covid-19. And the National Guard have been activated in most cities because of the riots which occurred during the protests. It appears they were likely infiltrated with provocateurs. This happened at Standing Rock, so I am not surprised to hear this.

Divisiveness is a common tool for social control by the corrupt who seek to hide their agenda. The fact Mr Bundy is reaching out and seeking to join against lawlessness on all sides, is rare and honorable

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