A Principled Stand: LaVoy Finicum

Below is a wonderful overview (video), on why and how to protect our constitutional rights, by the late LaVoy Finicum. He explains so simply and clearly why ranchers needed to stand up as they did when the Feds were trying to force them out of business through the manipulation of their grazing rights, among other unethical tactics. LaVoy was very principled. It is so refreshing to hear someone speak from a clearly ethical and informed stance. We forget we all have this capacity. But we have been inundated with the voice and actions of corrupt leaders and media for so long, we have forgotten what it sounds like.

Levoy was murdered by the Feds. No surprise… But we can still learn from him.
And feel the fresh air of his clear mind and heart.

My grandparents were ranchers in Montana. I miss them.

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