Vault 1: 1994

Bumping up a 1994 work from n+Fold.

An early interactive work from n+Fold, created in 1994.

In the center of the screen was a larger image, which comprised a sequential story. Around it was a black area that the user could interact with. If they hit certain areas which related to the central story, a new rectangular window would appear, which had very liquidy movement. Once they completed interacting with this window, the central story would advance to a new image, revealing more of the story. 

Over time, small images of family members, related to the central story would emerge in the black area. These family members were stored in a database. The central story was a narrative from the family history. Once the User discovered all the hidden liquid windows, and so heard the entire narrative, the media would shut down. The story was over. The family members were revealed. 

The idea was based on a concept of computer as catacomb. Which as we see, it now is… What we didn’t know then, was what controls would be put in place to control this data, or how it would be used. 

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