Leadership of a People

I am honored to get to live in close proximity to Native Americans within the borders of what is now called the United States. I am honored to be allowed to live on what was and should still be their land. In the face of the dishonorable leadership of my country, in the United States, which I have watched crumble into the most horrific corruption I could never have imagined, It is only the leadership and actions of Native Americans that appear to be honorable and good in human communities within the borders of the United States. It is only their actions that make any sense at all. It is their culture that honors nature and lives in harmony with it. It is their culture that honors human beings and animals.

I admire the Native American leadership when dealing with sexual assault in their community, as they do so in a way that is healing both for the perpetrator and the victim. As a community they acknowledge the wrong in such an action. In contrast the sanctioned courts, judges and law enforcement in the United States shamefully ignore such assaults or reward the rapists and shame the victims. Such actions perpetuate sexual assault and even give it honor. So I look away from such shameful disgraceful actions. And I know, such morally corrupt leadership will eventually die away. As it is not the leadership of a people. It is the leadership of a corporation, who my courts have the audacity to claim are people.

We as a people are not corporations. We need leadership that recognizes this difference.

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