Past Work

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These are past roads, past works.

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“Always a nomadic crossing; Yet in-between we fold; One thing into the other.”
For a while I thought of artist’s work—of my work—as a type of Foldology which I defined as nomadic. I was often involved in making difficult and lengthy journeys into complex disciplines such as science, engineering or finance, learning what I could along the way. Afterwards I crossed back into the studio to create work based on these experiences. I believed this activity of carrying information across the boundaries of specialized fields was what artists did best. It was a kind of service. It was being a specialized pack animal who carried the seeds of information into new territories, as animals do when they eat fruit and carry the seeds into new lands.

economy-we-buttonEconomy.We | A series of projects on the Economy.

body-tech-sci-buttonBody.Tech.Sci | Work addressing Biology, Science and Technology

images-buttonImages | I make images sometimes.

To Conflict.Not PageConflict.Not | Attempts to Diffuse or Address Conflict.


SketchesSketches | Faint things, I have not yet completed, but still carry with me.

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