Work involving Art & Biology, Science, Technology.

Since the late 20th century much research occurred which replicates or generates support for the body. It seemed reasonable to respond by questioning the materials or understanding of our physical body. All of our looking tools merely replicate our understanding of our bodies. These tools are our “looking apparatus, (such as a microscope), and we only see within the boundaries of their limitations.

Some technologies explored here are old early 20th century systems such as batteries, electroplating, and solenoids. But it is interesting to note that newer versions of these same techniques are being carried out on a much smaller scale, and with more refined tools, as in nanotechnology research.

The projects that are based on computer programming often used the act of or structure of programming as a subject to consider, at times using it as an armature for studying our physiology of mind or memory. Or to place the programmer’s own body and interactions with others during the act of programming as an integral part of a program’s structure and delivery.

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