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I am n+Fold, a documentary maker, artist and former academic, whose work focuses on the structures and mechanisms of information using experimental forms of media.

n+Fold is the central hub for my creative work. Here you can find documentation of my past work and a number of current projects I am working on. Links to all of this work can be found by clicking on the menu button in the upper left corner.

I also keep a running archive of my field notes. These are pieces of information I have gathered as I work on a project; these are the stories that inspire and inform my current work. Sometimes they include a few thoughts I have written down. They can be found by scrolling beneath the front  page. Use the < button to scroll to earlier pages or search for subjects using the right-hand menu on the front page. There are thousands of these notes!

Marta Lyall


I have served on the faculty and been the director of an MFA graduate program for several colleges and universities where my research and teaching involved studying information systems in the sciences and engineering through the lens of the arts and humanities. My education involved video and film studies within the context of emerging and time-based media. I have lectured and presented work in the U.S., Japan and Europe and have received multiple awards, grants and fellowships. Currently I am working on a documentary film project:  Indelible


Email: foldology AT nfold DOT net


through Twitter or LinkedIn. If you don’t get a response it is because I did not get the email. My email is terribly unreliable…

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