Urgent: No Borders around Free Speech

If you are concerned about the future because of the Trump victory, you should not ignore what is happening at Standing Rock. It has all the essential elements of an oppressive and rogue government with the unjustified use of force, violence and abuse of authority, as well as the nullifying of protests through the creation of “free speech zones”. Everyone who has any means to travel to Standing Rock by the fourth of December, PRIOR to the deadline the government agency has given for the eviction of Water Protectors from their own camps and treaty lands, is VERY important. It would be very wrong for the tribes and Water Protectors and their allies to abide by this eviction as it sets a dangerous precedent for controlling and nullifying protests. Prayer is very important but it is not enough in this case. There needs to be a large non-violent show of support against the oppression. Between December 4-7, nearly 2000 US Veterans, in a specially assembled military unit will arrive at Standing Rock to protect the Native Americans from the rogue militarized police force which have been used against the peaceful Water Protectors. Stand along side them, in peace.

This is a test case. If the government and corporate interests succeed, our country will change forever. Our ability to protest any injustice will be curtailed by militarized law enforcement and free speech zones. The Standing Rock tribe being forced to accept an unneeded pipeline that could destroy the future of their clean water will be a standard which will be used to determine the outcome of other forced injustices and environmental issues.

It is honorable and admirable that the tribal leadership are taking a position to stand against such unethical threats and actions through a non-violent stance. Especially when treaties and promises have been broken for hundreds of years.   They continue to take the higher road. And it is because of this they have garnered international support, despite the relative blackout of their plight on mainstream media.

The question now is, can we stand by them, respecting their position and principles, in such great numbers that our rouge militarized forms of law enforcement can be stopped? Can a battle such as this–a moral battle–be fought by standing together in prayer? If it can, it will be a victory for everyone in the United States against a corrupt leadership.  If it can, it will show that we as a human community are not just pawns in a corporate spreadsheet wrongfully protected by armed forces which are paid for with our tax dollars.

Here is the response letter to the Army Corps of Engineers regarding the eviction of the camp at Standing Rock and the creation of Free Speech Zones:

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