A War Against Conscience by Corporate Protectors at Standing Rock.

Photo by @bluefancyshawl on Twitter

Tonight, Native Americans who continued to pray and chant, as Water Protectors, faced a horrific backlash from our now militarized police, at Standing Rock, in North Dakota. In the dark of night, in freezing temperatures, the police fired water cannons onto the Water Protectors for over three hours, putting them at risk for hypothermia. As the brave frontline Water Protectors became drenched, they would go to the back shelters and change their clothes, get dried off and then walk right back to the front lines. They endured being doused with pepper spray, shot with rounds of rubber bullets, and faced the onslaught of deafening noise cannons called LRAD devices.

In all of this main stream media was conspicuously absent, until it became clear they had to cover the story as the coverage from the independent live streamers was going viral. But rather than cover in an unbiased manner, they only conveyed the false accounts put forth by police, stating the water cannons were only being used to put out fires started by the Water Protectors. The live feed videos and drone feeds showed this to be blatantly false.

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