• Podcast | From Intolerable to Indelible

    The image above clockwise from left to right: Gerald Patrick Hemming, Eugene Hausenfus in flight, Artie Ray Dufur. The March 3, 2018 podcast for Indelible, the documentary in progress. This podcast considers the use of travel restrictions for those in this project who were involved in what I call dark pool activities, which is work done… Continue Reading

  • No Carrot Following

    It’s an important moment when you realize it is time to no longer follow the carrot that has been held out in front of you. How did you come to that moment in time? Perhaps by quietly  tracing from the carrot to the stick, to the arm, and then looking up at the face of… Continue Reading

  • The Hidden Family of Carl Harp

    On July 4, 2015, I did an interview with one of Carl Harp’s family members, (the subject of the film I am developing, (Indelible). He was born in Vancouver Washington according to most of his records but I had been having a terrible time locating his birth record or the name of his birth mother… Continue Reading

  • The Seismic Shift of Choice.

    Hurricane Sandy ushered in a change in people’s lives beyond that which is brought by the force of wind and water. It may be merely symbolic, but since that day in late October a series of events occurred that seemed to show us the ills in our world, (the mass killing at Sandy Hook, the gang rapes ignored by authorities in India and Steubenville, OH). But if you look closely, a seismic shift has occurred and provided a small glimpse into how the escalation of corruption, cruelty, and the senseless destruction of life does not go on forever.

  • Emily’s Footsteps

    Periodically I think about Emily Bronte and stories about her I have read. She is my reminder of the importance of the integration of rhythm and nature, when I am working on something that is difficult. So I wrote a few paragraphs about her and uploaded 2 versions of a 17th century Irish poem presented… Continue Reading

  • Transmute

    A summer evening. An old house—forlorn and would-be abandoned—except for the handful of those without who would inhabit such a place. An old pool, filled with cedar from trees planted through seeds carried in the wind, now shading and adding voice. A girl dives into the water—the unpristine water with its cool clear passages—and emerges… Continue Reading

  • Wildness

    Wildness holds the beauty of the world. There are some who profit from or feel protected by the stillness of others; from knowing they are frozen in fear. They find a strange comfort in knowing that millions of people blindly donate their life’s blood, living only to maintain a pulse. To live in this life-fear… Continue Reading

  • ZERO: Zone-Neutral Spaces in Locations of War

    A new proposal for National Geographic’s Expedition Granted ZERO provides an opening, a building, where on entering you are reminded of the beauty of being human. When you live in the midst of siege and destruction and you survive, one of the most difficult experiences is the feeling that you are no longer human; you… Continue Reading

  • The iPad: Steve Jobs’ Gestural Glass

    With the iPad, Apple has created a new platform for viewing the world. It is like an old Xray film which the technician pulls out of a sheath allowing us to peer into our bodies and what lies beneath our skin. But in this case, we hold the film outward to envision and construct the world around us. The form of it is simple, visual and gestural, like a stroke in calligraphy.