Proof of Damage from the NDAA, 1012(b)(2): Alexa O’Brien

Journalist Alexa O’Brien, has been targeted by the Obama administration because her work is controversial. She has joined the lawsuit against Obama and Leon Panetta, regarding the NDAA, 1021(b)(2) because her freedom of speech has been impaired and she fears for her safety. In the video below, she reads a statement after a recent hearing regarding the case. She has also written a deeply sad letter to her friends and family regarding her concerns.

Later the same day, Alexa O’Brien participated in a panel discussion on the NDAA lawsuit, with several other plaintiffs and the two lawyers who are arguing the case. You can see in the video, how concerned she seems to be to be speaking publicly about her situation.

Below is the 2nd panel at the same event, with a change in panelists to discuss in more detail, (as Chris Hedge described above), the Corporate Coup d’├ętat which has succeeded in overtaking our government.

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