Using Social Media as False Witness

” Twitter is a police interview that never ends. Facebook has all your friends wearing a wire. Youtube has you in the dock talking to the judge. Every social media user creates a vast library of statements that may be taken out of context by vengeful or ambitious officials. Users should be displayed their Miranda rights each time they log on.”

The quote above is from a recent post by Julian Assange, after the sentencing for Barrett Brown was postponed on Tuesday, until January 22nd, 2015. Assange makes valid points about Brown’s case because he recognizes the roadmap being used by law enforcement and the courts from his own experience.

Apparently, one of the charges against Brown, is that he threatened an FBI agent, in a tweet. But as Assange points out, this supposed threat used in court recently, was actually a quote Brown retweeted that was made by a U.S. senator, calling for the death of Assange, which was said on Fox News. It was not Brown threatening the agent. Apparently the use of the tweet out of context, is a common tactic by law enforcement to incriminate a political undesirable. The prosecution now wants to seal the case against Brown so the public can not read their arguments against him.

If what Assange says is true, the case against Brown is another bizarre step towards adopting distortion as a defense from what appears to be a sad collection of men and women elevated with false power and steeped in desperation.

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