The U.S. Torture of American Dianna Ortiz

In this video, American Dianna Ortiz, a catholic nun, discusses her experience with her colleagues. Here Ortiz is more transparent about both telling her experience of being tortured in Guatemala by police and a torture squad which was informed, funded, and managed by American personnel. And she describes how when she attempted in good faith to work with the Justice Department in 1995, to investigate the crimes they instead used it as an opportunity to re-victimize her and to find fodder to further their smear campaign; a campaign they had created to hide U.S. involvement in the torture of not only herself, but tens of thousands of civilians: men, women and children.

The architects of torture are found in many places; funded by many bystanders; unaware of the inhumanity of their actions.

“Thou shall not be a victim; thou shall not be a perpetrator; and above all, thou shall not be a bystander.
–Dianna Ortiz

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