Considering the Physical Parameters of Sacred Space

A short excerpt from the film “The Keys to the Code”, which provides an extended interview with Tim Wallace-Murphy. Wallace-Murphy is a writer who has studied sacred spaces for decades. He spent an extended period of time at Rosslyn Chapel, which was built by the Sinclair family in mainland Scotland, who later migrated to the Orkney Islands.

This is an interesting excerpt as he confirms the construction of sacred spaces over underground water and in places where there was considered to be a confluence of “earth energy”, which refers to magnetic energy in the earth, something recently being studied by scientists. It is said that underground springs of water often rise to the surface at locations where magnetic lines of the earth cross. It appears the ancient peoples–not only in Europe–were aware of the importance of such locations and created their sacred spaces over them. What did they understand? What is science learning about these locations now? These are interesting questions to be addressed.

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