To Those in the Courts, Law Enforcement, and Military in the US

I post this to remind those I mention in the title, and those lawyers, and underlings who proudly work for them, including those in the corrupt media of something. You live in the shadow of a heritage which includes this story, so bravely told by her. I ask you to be brave enough to listen to it through to the end. You worked to torture her and planned to murder her. And when she survived, you devised a smear campaign to call her a nut and a slut. But anyone who listens to her knows this is not true. Look at what you do to people who only want to help others. Look how you destroy them. And for what? For money. To protect your greed. I hope sometime you will realize, what you have done. What you have participated in. I hope you feel the depth of her suffering. This is one of your many victims: Dianna Ortiz.  She is your fellow citizen. Say hello.

If you only have a short time to listen to Dianna speak, then please at least listen from 26:00-48:00.

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