The Misrule of Law: Former Kids in Poverty

An excerpt from a documentary about another young man from poverty near the same area of California, during the same time as the former kids described in the Indelible project.

This young man was targeted and then trained with a specific kind of exploitative and invasive military training that impacted him for the rest of his life. He was then used in a crime designed by those acting under the color of the law.  This sounds very familiar to many of the other cases in the Indelible story, including that of the former kid, Artie DuFur, who like Sirhan, sits in prison beyond the end of his sentence for no legal or justifiable reason.

The self-serving reason for these false authorities to keep these men in prison illegally may be to keep them from talking—to control their speech. But this would be an illegal act.

In this excerpt psychiatrist Dan Brown from Harvard—who worked with Sirhan for three years—describes how those acting under the color of the law have also violated his rights and broken federal laws, merely because he was assisting on the case.


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