Podcast | Surviving Weaponized Information & Social Media

A podcast for Indelible, a documentary media project in progress for the week of August 8, 2018. This video podcast explores how we as consumers of media can navigate the onslaught of weaponized information provided by an ever-expanding group of condoned news sources, corporations and governments. It is a challenging time to present any historical information or research historical information because the sources can surface in one form, disappear and re-emerge in another. It is like playing whack-a-mole. Data can and will be manipulated even within government data-bases. Authorities who are riled with guilt and shame or beyond guilt and shame will order data deleted or altered. It becomes imperative that we develop methods for navigating these waters and find ways that do not merely give someone else the authority to decide what is truth or what is a fact.

I dedicate this video podcast to my father, Richard L. Lyall, who died 43 yeas ago today, as he was researching facts which are the basis of this project.

These video podcasts are exploring different methods for communicating information given the dangerous landscape we face when merely trying to research a history which is important to document. These methods will continue to evolve. Until the project becomes coherent and complete.


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