Seeing With Authenticity

I have followed the work of artist Edward Riordan for years. He has developed a very unique methodology for remote viewing, (RV), which experts in this field now take very seriously. This video is unique as he is using it to learn about or connect to the input itself. Input in this method is the initial insight—it is when you wonder about something and then receive an insight, whether it be partial or complete. A similar thing happens with prayer, if your heart is true—if the asking is authentic to who you are and it is asked with humility or respect for yourself and others.

Video by Artist Edward Riordan.

RV’ing has been used by the military for decades. And it is also part of artistic process though never named in this context. What the military never understood when employing these methods is that your capacity to “see” an answer only goes so far if you only rely on one side of the human method for gaining insight. Remote Viewing is often of a limited scope. In “prayer” there is a humility that is present. It requires an open heart and love for God/Creator/ or that which is beyond you—and where in opening this connection information from a seemingly infinite source is allowed to flow.
In Christianity this is seen as being able to connect to God through the Christ Within (CWI)—albeit some will use other words.

This is why I never fear that those participating in manipulation of matter or the human psyche for destructive purposes will have any success that is lasting. No one can destroy forever in hate. It bottoms out. Perhaps this is why civilizations end. And perhaps this is the role of destructive intentions? Maybe it is a natural form of entropy?

David, in the old bible story won against Goliath at great odds. He knew his craft with his weapon of choice, (a stone and a sling). But he also trusted from his heart, that which was beyond him, (who he called God). So insight came to him and gave him confidence. It also likely guided his hand and his focus. The stone hit Goliath in the perfect spot on his forehead and he collapsed.

There is currently a heightened fear of those who practice any “faith” by those in power who have access to methods of destruction (including Remote Viewing), and various forms of war, including riots, division, etc.

This increased or heightened fear reveals a truth. It is a fear of a natural human capacity to connect through love and trust (or authentically), to that which is larger than us, in humility. As many will then see farther and have insights as David had when he killed Goliath. And it is also fear within us that cripples our capacity to receive the greatest insights or creative solutions.

I have much respect for Artist Edward Riordan. He has been learning about his capacities openly and honestly. And he is coming to a unique point in his understanding. I guess we will see how far it goes from here.

We need not seek complicated solutions. We only need to have the faith or trust, “the size of a mustard seed”. Science only goes so far. And Remote Viewing is science-based. Science is often very complex. Scientific solutions allow us to problem solve but also create horrific dilemmas for us. Scientific theories are always in need of revision. They are limited to only a partial human insight, because it is only part of the equation, or one side of a partnership without the connection to the larger universal database.

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