• Area Code 757

    What can you do with what appears to be a growing collection of strange voicemails? I decided to share one of the best.

  • Palindromes: Fibonacci Analysis Could Be Much More.

    Amazing how common/popular these games were 2,000 years ago. I like the transcription from a numerical/abstract space in your head into a 2D flat plane; a natural grid… It would be fun to do this with Fibonacci numbers; as a filter to analyze price movements to see what forms emerge; not to just let the price values hit an overlay of Fibonacci levels as is common now in technical analysis; but to allow the values themselves to unfold a form, as the values in a Palindrome create a form.

  • Artist Julie Mehretu: The Seven Acts of Mercy

    Julie Mehretu’s images appear to be swirling masses of information or locations which have been set free from any geographic constraints, yet form their own geographies. She is an Ethiopian born American artist, now based in Harlem, and is known for her large-scale paintings and drawings which combine maps and diagrams of socially charged public… Continue Reading

  • The Beauty of the Vortex

    A well designed vortex-making machine, using CD’s, magnets and water. I am always looking for methods which allow you to recreate a natural phenomenon. Although the science may be interesting to some, I am more interested in the mobility of natural phenomena from one context to another, where beauty creates an opportunity for questioning.

  • Map Memory Library

    Recently, over several days, I have spent time in the past. I often think of the past or memories like a personal library. It is something that periodically, we need to visit. While there we need to wander the aisles, pick up a book, and read a few lines. At the end of our visit, we walk away refreshed. But most importantly, we walk away with a kind of map, showing us how points in the past are consistent with current directions.

  • It is not the architecture.

    Marcy Frantom is a scholar, who researches cemetery material culture and has a masters degree in English with a Folklore emphasis. She lives in northern Louisiana. She created this audio piece in 2003, about finding a bone of an astronaut in her garden, after the explosion of the space shuttle Columbia: Marcy Frantom reading Her… Continue Reading

  • From the Venice Beinnale: Another Data Visualization

    An interesting use of Microsoft’s touch interface, at the Venice Beinnale. “In short, the installation works like this: visitors can pick up little cards representing the exhibits. Putting them on the table will draw an associative, organic network of tags, media and related projects around them. If you put multiple cards on the table, the… Continue Reading