• Goldman, Guns and Greg Smith

    Why it matters that a “gun” gesture was directed towards former Goldman Sachs whistle-blower Greg Smith on CNBC, the day his book came out. The same is true in our broken world of finance. Greg Smith, a former investment banker at Goldman Sachs, noticed banking at the company he loved was broken. So he decided… Continue Reading

  • Noam Chomsky on the Responsibility of Privilege

    This common mechanism in our culture has particulalr significance in the evolving world of social media, where group dynamics rapidly develop opinion through 140 characters of information, (on Twitter). But as Chomsky describes, very few people have the stomach to acknowledge the impact or workings of this industry,even though it is very transparent.

  • Goldman Sachs Fraud: Only survivor, the fabulous Fab

    Around 10:30 AM ET, Goldman Sachs shares plummeted as the SEC announced that they were charging Goldman Sachs with fraud. It has been no secret that Goldman Sachs was involved with the demise of the housing market, and the financial crisis, yet it was unclear exactly how they were involved.