• Reaping, Sowing and Corporate Prisons

    Considering Gun Control #6: There was a recent article about a man who went undercover in a prison that had become privatized in Louisiana. It described the horrific mistreatment of the humans inside those walls and the self-regulating methods the prisoners and guards created to function—methods that would lead to more violence and corruption. It… Continue Reading

  • Two Texas Rangers from 1918.

    Considering Gun Control #5: Two Texas Rangers drinking. The Texas Ranger Division was created in the early 1800s by Stephen F. Austen, a wealthy man given the authority to bring settlers to Texas. The Texas Rangers Division was created to patrol the border. They still exist today as law enforcement.

  • Phil Ochs Before His Voicebox was Crushed

    Considering Gun Control #3: Phil Ochs at the height of his career, was attacked and had his voice box crushed. Was it just an random encounter with thugs? He then sank into depression and desperation. Here is his rendition of Joe Hill, before all that happened. Below is an interesting history of Phil Ochs’ demise by the late… Continue Reading

  • Are Riots and Battles Misplaced Love?

    Considering gun control #1: If we are going to consider removing a constitutional right, our second amendment, then we should do so thoughtfully and with due consideration. In that light I present a comment written by someone from Belfast. It conveys insights that I had not seen presented before. It describes why violence tends to… Continue Reading