• Transmute

    A summer evening, an old white house—forlorn and would‐be abandoned except for the handful of friends who occupy the rooms and gather in the kitchen. Outside—the sound of cars and trucks arriving, and the group rapidly grows in number. Friends with friends. An old concrete pool, filled with water, now covered with the leaves of… Continue Reading

  • A Gazing Pool Contained

    Confinment or restraint is limited in its ability to remove beauty from your life—as long as you have a store of images in your memory that you can recall at will. I have been building a store of my own images. I consider it to be a discipline or sorts–to store the images of beauty… Continue Reading

  • Glass 1.1 | Project

    I am bumping this project to the top of my notes, as I was reminded of it today; in particular how it relates to spin coherence and those who have worked with a newer element called Ormus: Posted a new project under Becoming Objects. Read the full description. Glass 1.1

  • Emily’s Footsteps

    Periodically I think about Emily Bronte and stories about her I have read. She is my reminder of the importance of the integration of rhythm and nature, when I am working on something that is difficult. So I wrote a few paragraphs about her and uploaded 2 versions of a 17th century Irish poem presented… Continue Reading

  • A Moth Story

    The science of a moth’s life, edited into a story of sorts. “Briefly, the moth has several genetic forms, the most famous being the “typica” or white form, which is ivory colored with peppery black spots.” “And the carbonaria form, which is pure black.” “These forms differ by mutations at a single gene, with the… Continue Reading

  • 7 Fingers, 6 Palms | Sketch

    Outside the window; a branch of an old Japonica plant. Two of its branches came up from the ground. They had been dead sticks for years, black and hollow. Yet today from the tip of one of them grew a cluster of new leaves. The base of each of the six leaves was a smooth… Continue Reading

  • The Beauty of the Vortex

    A well designed vortex-making machine, using CD’s, magnets and water. I am always looking for methods which allow you to recreate a natural phenomenon. Although the science may be interesting to some, I am more interested in the mobility of natural phenomena from one context to another, where beauty creates an opportunity for questioning.

  • Images of Ice

    I found these images on the Exploratorium site on climate change. They seem similar in form to the images of Alice Aycock’s work, and the Orrery. There is a machinic quality to them; or, one could say there is an organic quality to the artist’s machinic work.