• No Carrot Following

    It’s an important moment when you realize it is time to no longer follow the carrot that has been held out in front of you. How did you come to that moment in time? Perhaps by quietly  tracing from the carrot to the stick, to the arm, and then looking up at the face of… Continue Reading

  • Living the Paradox

    All things are true. This is not to say what is right or fair or just. Only an open heart can start to make sense of how. When we keep choosing between right and wrong, we spend life sorting it rather than living it. We are all asked to ask for what we need only… Continue Reading

  • Emily’s Footsteps

    Periodically I think about Emily Bronte and stories about her I have read. She is my reminder of the importance of the integration of rhythm and nature, when I am working on something that is difficult. So I wrote a few paragraphs about her and uploaded 2 versions of a 17th century Irish poem presented… Continue Reading

  • Wildness

    Wildness holds the beauty of the world. There are some who profit from or feel protected by the stillness of others; from knowing they are frozen in fear. They find a strange comfort in knowing that millions of people blindly donate their life’s blood, living only to maintain a pulse. To live in this life-fear… Continue Reading

  • Dimensions and Spirals

    I woke up with this thought today and then it became a sketch because I wanted to consider it in color and line. Eben Alexander is a neurosurgeon who went to Harvard. A few years ago he became very ill with a bacteria which attacked his brain. He went into coma. He should have died.… Continue Reading