• To See a World…[ Blake]

    “To see the world in a blade of grass And heaven in a wild flower And to Hold infinity in the palm of your hand And eternity in an hour.”   The quote above is how an elder recited the poem. He changed some of the words. But it worked perfectly for me, as I had been… Continue Reading

  • There Was Earth in Them

    [Poem] There was Earth in them, and they dug. They dug and they dug, and so their Day went by, and their Night. And they did not praise God, who, so they heard, wanted all this, who, so they heard, knew of all this. They dug and they heard nothing more; did not grow wise,… Continue Reading

  • Meaning Slips

    пустые падает дождь как стекло заливки.
    It is interesting to see what becomes of abstract meaning in language translations. Today I tried to find a point of equilibrium with abstract meaning, in a language translator. I had to work and refine both the English and Russian statements, until they reached an equilibrium, and both interpreted the statement with the same meaning. It was an interesting process.

  • The Wasteland and Rhythm

    When I was 18 and living in my mothers apartment, I read The Wasteland, by TS Eliot. I was uneducated about poetry, but had written in journals since the age of 7. My own writing attempts were pale and clumsy. But I remember this one particular day when I found the Wasteland. I recognized the… Continue Reading