• Leadership of a People

    I am honored to get to live in close proximity to Native Americans within the borders of what is now called the United States. I am honored to be allowed to live on what was and should still be their land. In the face of the dishonorable leadership of my country, in the United States,… Continue Reading

  • The Fourth Review

    This is the podcast for Indelible, the documentary film in progress for the week of November 4, 2016. This podcast reviews the fourth installment of Carl Harp’s FBI file, obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request. It is fairly brief but has some key documents related to Harp’s criminal charges, as well has his… Continue Reading

  • Water Protectors are Important

    If your water is polluted by accidents from pipelines or other contaminants as in Flint MI, you have to purchase water to survive. And purchased water provides a huge profit for someone, and also gives the seller of that water control over its contents. #noDAPL

  • A Gazing Pool Contained

    Confinment or restraint is limited in its ability to remove beauty from your life—as long as you have a store of images in your memory that you can recall at will. I have been building a store of my own images. I consider it to be a discipline or sorts–to store the images of beauty… Continue Reading

  • Imagining Freedom in a Desperate Crowd

    The podcast for the documentary film Indelible: The Love & Rage of Carl L. Harp, for the Week of August 1, 2016 | A review of the first documents received from Carl L. Harp’s FBI file, after two years of waiting. I requested Harp’s FBI file in July 2014. This is the first of a… Continue Reading

  • The Naming of Chaos

    This is the podcast for the documentary film in progress, Indelible, for the week of July 4, 2016. Carl L. Harp believed in chaos, but what did that mean? How Harp’s unwillingness to fit within named groups was seen as dangerous to those with the authority to name. Chaos can take many forms. It may… Continue Reading

  • Goldman Sachs and Brexit: Revisiting 2007?

    This is what the chart for Goldman Sachs looked like in September 2007, just days before the public became aware of the crash of the housing market. It spiked, showing the anticipation of the profit they were going to make from the demise of the housing market. Don’t think because the market crashes that it… Continue Reading

  • Imagining Digital

    Large format prints by Stéphane Trois Carrés, at Studio Bordas in Paris. Carrés hand paints the images to look like digital prints, then scans them into digital files.

  • One Possible Reason For a Trump Presidency

    In a recent interview with Edward Snowden (above), he lays out in plain language how little control we have over our privacy. He describes vast systems of surveillance which make use of our phones or other communication technologies. From his perspective it is all very simple and it has been going on for decades. But… Continue Reading

  • Light Bounces and Knowing the Unknown

    This is the podcast for the week of June 5, 2016, for the documentary film in progress, Indelible: The Love & Rage of Carl Harp. A discussion on nutrition in prison and poverty; how a sequence comes about in the film; what I have learned about endurance and resilience from Harp; and lastly an update… Continue Reading