• Life Itself: The Art of a Bird

    Over the past week we have had over 1250 lightning strikes in Seattle. At the same time I have been visited by my beloved owl, who has frequently visited since 2016. And then by deer who seem to love to go into poses together (they once stood in a letter “A” formation!), and just stared… Continue Reading

  • When you can no longer speak.

    Images from Spanish film, “The Spirit of the Beehive“. Which integrated eighteen year old Mary Shelley’s brilliant allegory on human nature, Frankenstein. Beautiful images of child actress Ana Torrent. Here are comments about the symbolism in the film and why it is pertinent today. I have studied this film for years. I am basing the… Continue Reading

  • Transmute

    A summer evening, an old white house—forlorn and would‐be abandoned except for the handful of friends who occupy the rooms and gather in the kitchen. Outside—the sound of cars and trucks arriving, and the group rapidly grows in number. Friends with friends. An old concrete pool, filled with water, now covered with the leaves of… Continue Reading

  • The Heart is an Eye.

    The heart is an “eye”, (Octavio Paz).  If you stay connected to your heart, if you still feel, then you remain connected to what some call your natural intuition. Your heart is a brain. It allows you to sense what your mind might be too busy to perceive. Your heart is the foundation of your… Continue Reading

  • Podcast | Carl L. Harp Stepping Forward in Time

    A podcast for Indelible, a documentary in progress for the week of April 21, 2019. This podcast includes a clip from an interview with psychiatrist John Leibert, who first appeared in the Indelible story when Carl Harp was interviewed by law enforcement in Snohomish County Jail at 2 AM, in August 1973. Leibert was asked… Continue Reading

  • Citizen Data Explorer: Dave Feldman

    Engineer Dave Feldman creates data sets of his own blood chemistry and uses it in conversations with scientists to poke them into new considerations. My sense decades ago was that artists could do the same, if those in the sciences could treat them openly as researchers who can expand beyond the boundaries they can not… Continue Reading

  • Podcast | A Pipeline of Boys in Poverty

    The podcast for Indelible, a documentary in progress for the week of February 20, 2019. After a long hiatus a podcast on my reasons for my commitment to this project. Why would anyone continue on a project amidst such danger and suffering? I am constantly asked this. And in December I had to seriously ask… Continue Reading

  • Perceiving a Whistleblower

    If you are a whistle-blower where afterwards multiple employees at multiple government organizations, companies, professionals have taken actions to harm you or your loved ones, you will often come across those (mostly naive individuals), who when hearing you tell of your experiences will say: “it sounds like you think there is/was a conspiracy”. This is… Continue Reading

  • The Practice of Imagination—Alternative to Meditation

    Imagining is another form of meditation. It may be useful for those who find themselves unable to practice traditional meditation. Studies have shown that meditation changes the structure of our brain and increases our well-being. It also strengthens and quickens our capacity to solve problems.  Imagining helps us to reconnect to who we truly are.… Continue Reading