• Palindrome: Language—Ch 6

    Vernacular languages, like the languages of machines had a shelf-life. William knew he should never forget this. And when he chose to program, he did so without a commitment to the specific symbols or their syntax. Also on Spotify and Apple Podcasts!

  • Salt

    Looking at salt with an electron microscope. Salt is a preservative and natural antibiotic. It was a very desired commodity before industrialized food production. Hold it close.

  • Imaginal 2014

    An artist’s rough sketch of a strong hypnopompic image from January 15, 2014. It came in two parts. First was a single golden coil-like form. But on a closer look it appeared to be a series of suns, where each subsequent sun created a shadow or darkness on the preceding sun. In the second part,… Continue Reading

  • Seeing With Authenticity

    I have followed the work of artist Edward Riordan for years. He has developed a very unique methodology for remote viewing, (RV), which experts in this field now take very seriously. This video is unique as he is using it to learn about or connect to the input itself. Input in this method is the… Continue Reading

  • New Project: Palindrome

    I embarked on a new project today. An experiment with voice. Each piece of the puzzle is less than ten minutes long, (called episodes), using voice, knowledge and experience to describe forms in the sciences, engineering and agriculture—all superimposed upon an abstract and artificial  financial “grid”.  The Characters:  William’s father James created machines without logic boards… Continue Reading

  • Life Itself: The Art of a Bird

    Over the past week we have had over 1250 lightning strikes in Seattle. At the same time I have been visited by my beloved owl, who has frequently visited since 2016. And then by deer who seem to love to go into poses together (they once stood in a letter “A” formation!), and just stared… Continue Reading

  • When you can no longer speak.

    Images from Spanish film, “The Spirit of the Beehive“. Which integrated eighteen year old Mary Shelley’s brilliant allegory on human nature, Frankenstein. Beautiful images of child actress Ana Torrent. Here are comments about the symbolism in the film and why it is pertinent today. I have studied this film for years. I am basing the… Continue Reading