• Seen Through the Goggles of Google

    Social media—our public text—came more clearly into view today. First there was the statement by Julian Assange, about the Barrett Brown case, where he described how statements or retweets made in social media were being used out of context, by the U.S. Government prosecutors as evidence to support charges of a death threat by Brown… Continue Reading

  • Regarding the Role of the Front-man

    Julian Assange did an interview on Democracy Now, which aired today. If you take the time to listen to Assange speak, you will almost always learn something. He and his colleagues are survivors in a battle against great formidable enemies. There is no reason why they should have survived half the time of the battle… Continue Reading

  • Assange: Courage While Experiencing Indefinite Detention.

    …today, I read an article by John Keane, a professor at the University of Sydney, on his recent lunch with Julian Assange at Equador’s Embassy in London, where Assange has been confined for over 8 months. It was the first time someone took the time to address the strength that can shine through a person targeted and harassed for leaking facts that defy our modern authorities.