• Podcast: A Poem by Carl Harp

    A short podcast for Indelible, a documentary in progress, for the week of December 17, 2017. Published in 1980, in the Anarchist Black Dragon, produced by Carl L. Harp and John H. Bosch in Walla Walla state prison in Washington state, during the years 1978-1980 . This electronic voice version of Harp’s poem was created… Continue Reading

  • Meaning Slips

    пустые падает дождь как стекло заливки.
    It is interesting to see what becomes of abstract meaning in language translations. Today I tried to find a point of equilibrium with abstract meaning, in a language translator. I had to work and refine both the English and Russian statements, until they reached an equilibrium, and both interpreted the statement with the same meaning. It was an interesting process.