A Gazing Pool Contained

Confinment or restraint is limited in its ability to remove beauty from your life—as long as you have a store of images in your memory that you can recall at will. I have been building a store of my own images. I consider it to be a discipline or sorts–to store the images of beauty and recall them at will.

This is an example. It is an image of an Ethiopian Opal. It seems to have the ability to draw me into it as if looking into a pool of water on a dry day. The opal seems to contain and hold this image for me. A few days later, after encoding this image, I read that Ethiopian Opals like this one are sometimes considered to be “hydrophane” opals, that is, they absorb and contain water. And with water they reveal more color. So it seems the pool of water I perceived is in a real sense, contained in this opal. It is not merely imagined or projected. It was something present that could be felt.

Here is another example:
Ethiopian Opal2

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