Wake up each morning and say: I will not participate in the lie.

As we can see in each mass shooting that are now happening at an ever increasing pace in the US, we no longer receive the truth from our media about the shooter, about the incident, or about why it occurred.

Lies are presented to us as truths. This too is a form of violence. It harms us individually and it harms our communities. It drives us to change our laws in ways that may cause us further harm. Our children are harmed. And they are damaged psychologically by these acts of violence in ways we do not fully understand. These acts of violence in schools will change the way an entire generation views the world because they are being traumatized at an early age. Those who design these incidents or allow them to occur may look forward to this time as traumatized human beings are more controllable.

This type of trauma and strategy is used in wars—both undeclared and declared—carried out by others including our government.

But congress has not yet approved a war against our own citizens. If they wish to harm us and our children with weapons and tactics used on battlefields then congress must acknowledge a war has been declared against citizens on US soil.

If there is no such declaration, then we are allowing ourselves to fall under the influence of a lie, and we are perpetuating a lie by these false authorities.

We must also not lie to each other. Or share the lies of another. We may do so mistakingly, but if we do we must correct our mistake.

Each lie is an act of violence.

We can no longer afford to lie and support lies whose stakes are so high as to cause the death of children and the obliteration of our spirit and heart.

Our law enforcement, local, state and federal, including military are forced to follow the instructions of those creating the lies. They do not know any better. They are in the shadow of those who oversee the perpetuation of these lies. We must have compassion for them. But we can not enable and embolden them with assault rifles and weapons of the battlefield any more than we can enable someone not in possession of their mental faculties with such weapons.

If we do, we are perpetuating a lie which will further harm children and the innocent.

We must learn to be physically healthy and stay away from contaminated foods and water which cause us to feel weak and to believe the only solution is money, to ease our suffering. These contaminated foods and water are forced upon us as is this perception of money as savior. These are lies.

We must be healthy so we can think coherently and be able analyze what is happening around us.

We must return to having a capacity to live and have empathy for all human beings. We must not be divided. To divide is another strategy of war. It is a lie.

We must not act impulsively or share and spread lies as they are handed to us in the media, especially social media.

We must resist lying even about the most simple things. One lie leads to another.

Once we resist lying we will be made to look like a liar by the false authorities. This is a strategy of war. It should be ignored.

Personal attacks are to be expected.

Never engage in a public personal attack. These are the strategies of war. If you see one notice that such an attack merely is used to remove someone from speaking publicly. It is used to remove them because they have been able to speak coherently.

Some of these things are suggested by Native American John Trudell. Here is a link to him explaining what this means and why it is important:

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