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Image above is a conceptual drawing of the formation of mirror on glass. But the point is, there is no way to know what forms will develop until the experiment is set up. This is why it is interesting.

Naturally Formed Mirror Recordings on Glass

In Glass 1.1 (working title),  forms emerge from “structured water” as mirror and draw their own image on glass. These are recordings of energy events that are not otherwise observable with the unassisted eye. The “drawings” reside in the space between the microscope and the telescope. It is a coarse resolution that reflects our own experience, forms and bodies as humans.  It is a place of trust, exploration and experimentation. It is ordinary experience, which if allowed to unfold is often extraordinary.

I just heard artist Anish Kapoor say, “Mirror is a skin”, as is pigment.

I believe in working with a reverence towards materials and processes, which through their own iteration, their own nature, create forms. I take on the role of assistant, editor and facilitator in this process; I am creating a framework where the forms can occur.

Project Details and Background

Over the past few months, I have been reading and learning about the work of physicists in their description of black holes, white holes and grey holes. This exposure came at the same time I was exploring ways to silver mirror. These things probably seem unrelated, but I suppose that is one of the great joys in working as an artist, the crossing we experience in fields of information.

Physicist Nassim Haramein describes our physical world as a place of vortices, where energy is created by the forces of spin. These votices are black holes, which attract matter and white holes which emit or spew matter. (This is my crude paraphrasing, so please listen to his lectures to hear more precise descriptions.) He speculates and has written mathematical proofs which support his conjectures, that these oscillating vortices, (lets call them grey holes as they both attract and repell), exist at various scales. They are at the center of a universe, the sun and the planets on the macro level. And they exist within our bodies at the subatomic level. They are a pattern of relationship which creates all forms of matter and energy. He and others have also observed and speculated that water is created by and emerges from these spinning vortices. This may be the source of our springs and oceans on earth.

In separate efforts a diverse group of people have been experimenting with the structure of water. This interaction was inspired by the discovery of a white powdery precipitate found on a piece of private land in Texas. After experimenting with this powder, it was found to be an element that is not in the periodic table of elements and appears to be a precipitate that occurs when subatomic events occur in water and there is an interaction with certain metals or salts. In particular, gold and silver or sea salt, but there are others.  These subatomic events also involve spin, (as described by Haramein), or spin coherence. When it occurs, another element is formed.

They have named this element Ormus.  There are many experiments with Ormus. It has been consumed and shown to change the spin coherence within subatomic particles within the body, providing healing and some believe increased clarity and a capacity to communicate more clearly across boundaries of experience and matter.

There are two aspects to the Ormus experiments beign carried out. One is to change a metal or salt to Ormus in water, in order to consume it, or use it in farming to facilitate growth and health. The other is to reverse this process, resulting in the deposition of metals, that have unique properties. In a sense, a modern interest in alchemy.

When thinking about the processes of Ormus in context with the work of Nassiem Haramein there appear to be many shared patterns. The most obvious being spin coherence, vortices, water and the release of subatomic energy events which result in forms of matter.

I thought about these things as I was learning about the process of silvering mirrors. This process also involves, particles of metal in water, (Silver Nitrate), which through their interaction creates a visible form that just happens to reflect light, (i.e. the mirror surface). Upon further research it appears, that mirrors emit photons in a particular way.

The physics of the proton is at the base of Haramein’s theories. There are some interesting theories about the interaction of photons with protons within an atom and how this affects the spin.

The Experiment

I will create a framework, a structure, where the process of generating mirror, using silver nitrate and structured water can occur.  This process allows energy events at the sub-atomic level to be magnified and recorded through materials and their own iteration.

The deposits of silver mirror  on glass will generate patterns that bring new information about forms within us and outside of us. It is important that the framework which fosters these interactions not be something that overtly informs the resulting image produced, (this is often the case when you try to record energy events through material). I am not interested in recording symmetrical geometric patterns as you see at the resolution of a sound wave, which has been done before.  I am looking beyond that, to smaller dimensions and the recording or tracing of energy events.  The structure of the framework I build will help the events be magnified as part of the mirror-forming process. I am particularly interested in how the magnification of these events occurs because of the reflective properties in mirror and how the photons respond as the stabilization occurs and the mirror surface forms.

My Experience in Relation to this Work.

In part the idea of a recording of events was inspired by my experience working at Fermi Lab, a particle accelerator near Chicago. It was during my time as an undergraduate student in Art. A friend and I worked building 80 drift chambers for a group of physicists from the University of Chicago. These were huge circuit boards, 10 by 10 feet in size, and filled with an inert gas and had a grid of high-frequency wires running across their surface. They were intended to be stacked like the plates of a capacitor, in order to record sub-atomic energy events, (Quarks). I also worked as a lab assistant in a kinetics lab, where I helped build experiments involving the physics of sound and light and machine interaction. Eventually after graduate school, I went on to teach at universities, where I continued working in relation to science and in particular worked with minerals in solution and forced crystal growth in a bio-gel, through an adaptation of electroforming processes.

Status of the Project.
I have received a donation of many large pieces of plate glass, which are 20″ by 48″ and 3/8″ thick.  I need to find an inexpensive source of silver nitrate to add to the structured water, and to either purchase the prepared water from a nearby maker of structured water or set up the ability to make it on my own. I am also working on spinning devices and other helpers needed to facilitate the silvering process. I have spent many hours researching and meeting with scientists and others involved with both Ormus and physics.


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