IO-Haptik Podcast—A Discussion with Edward Riordan.

Field Notes: April 16, 2022

The following is an interview I conducted with Edward Riordan, who has been engaged in what I call Extended Awareness, and what he calls perceptual expressionism and abstract perceptualism. He has carefully documented his process over the years through an immense archive of videos. He also works professionally in the field of Remote Viewing,  using these practices, which were developed at Stanford University, in the lab of Hal Puthoff and Russell Targ. Remote viewing is a formalization of these methods which the military used to teach teams for numerous applications. Edward has gained respect for his work from former military officers related to Stanford’s Lab.

Edward makes an important contribution to this project, as a potential collaborator in the Immersive environment with the Frontier Group, (for a definition of these collaborators please refer to Episode 1), because his practices include the ability to perceive the environment around him, with patience, curiosity, and an experiential understanding of his own cognitive functions. 

Links to Edwards experimental work, related to our interview:
State of 1 and 0:


Cerebral peduncle (Physiology of the Brain)



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