• Area Code 757

    What can you do with what appears to be a growing collection of strange voicemails? I decided to share one of the best.

  • Washington’s New Stalking Protection Order (SPO)

    In 2012 I testified before the Washington State Legislature regarding the creation of a new kind of protection order for victims of stalking. The Bill was considered because there was no protection for victims of stalking, that occurred outside of Domestic Violence. I felt it was important for the Order to also include cyberstalking. The… Continue Reading

  • American Image

    There is something compelling and beautiful about this image; a 1886 photo provided by the Library of Congress via the Theodore Roosevelt Center in North Dakota. Shown are Wilmot Dow, left, Theodore Roosevelt, center, and William Wingate Sewall, right. Perhaps it is because they seemed to feel themselves to be bears. Rough Riders and Renegades,… Continue Reading

  • Dostoyevsky Day

    via Twitter– “Found out Russia celebrated Dostoyevsky Day last weekend and its mighty weird.” — Maria Antonova (@mashant) July 8, 2014

  • Regarding the Role of the Front-man

    Julian Assange did an interview on Democracy Now, which aired today. If you take the time to listen to Assange speak, you will almost always learn something. He and his colleagues are survivors in a battle against great formidable enemies. There is no reason why they should have survived half the time of the battle… Continue Reading

  • Independence Day

    I am following Tangerine Bolen, and creating a list of people who I am grateful for and who I feel have contributed to our great country this past year. Without their tremendous effort it is likely the freedom we depend on would be greatly diminished. Glenn Greenwald Edward Snowden Alexa O’Brien Daneil Ellsberg Chris Hedges… Continue Reading

  • The Frontman: The Fall Man; The Scapegoat

    I am developing compassion for the frontman. Once he/she recognizes the loathsome role they have been assigned by those who encouraged them, they would be better off not discussing it. For if they perceive their scapegoat is becoming uncomfortable rather than carrying out their task in blissful ignorance, history shows they will likely turn on… Continue Reading

  • Why Did Obama Sign a Law that Imprisons US Citizens without Due Process?

    Below is an interview with former NY Times journalist and Pulitzer Prize winner, Chris Hedges who with other journalists and activists, has filed a lawsuit in NY against President Obama and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta for their bringing into law provision 1021 B2 of the NDAA. This interview occurred after recent oral arguments in the case were heard before the Second Circuit Court of Appeals on February 6, 2012.

  • Aaron Swartz: Exploitation of Wikileaks by Wall Street Journal & New York Times.

    A 2011 interview, (below), with Aaron Swartz, hacker and activist. He discusses how the Wall Street Journal is planning their own “leaks” site. Apparently even though the New York Times harshly criticizes Julian Assange and Wikileaks, over 1/2 of all their papers contain source material they obtained from Wikileaks. Swartz was later targeted by the US government, and committed suicide, on January 10, 2013.

  • Noam Chomsky on the Responsibility of Privilege

    This common mechanism in our culture has particulalr significance in the evolving world of social media, where group dynamics rapidly develop opinion through 140 characters of information, (on Twitter). But as Chomsky describes, very few people have the stomach to acknowledge the impact or workings of this industry,even though it is very transparent.