• Indelible Film: Podcast Episode 1

    Filmmaker and Artist Marta Lyall talks about her reasons for making the film and why she feels it is important. http://media.blubrry.com/indelible/p/nfold.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Directors-notes-april10.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

  • Indelible Film: Podcast Episode 2

    The image above from March 2016, shows John H. Bosch, who was a witness at the Inquest regarding the death of Carl L. Harp, in 1981. A discussion regarding events that occurred during the making of the film beginning in February 2016. Incidents discussed include being introduced to John H. Bosch, Carl L. Harp’s cellmate,… Continue Reading

  • Indelible Film: Podcast Episode 3

    A discussion with filmmaker and artist Marta Lyall regarding homelessness in Washington state, how it impacts disabled Vets, including one person who is part of the Indelible story. She discusses a project she is developing as a possible solution to homelessness for Vets in the area which includes small foot-print homes on tiny tracts of… Continue Reading

  • The Man in a Full Mental Jacket: Ed Morrell

    A fascinating three-part series on a man named Ed Morrell. Morrell was thrown into prison in San Quentin in the early part of the twentieth century. He became known as “The Dungeon Man”, because he survived torture while in prison—torture that killed most men.  Writer Jack London became fascinated with his story after meeting him and… Continue Reading

  • I Choose to Fly: Steph Davis

    Rock climber and Wing Suit BASE Jumper, Steph Davis speaks about her desire for flying, even after the recent accidental death of her fellow jumper and husband, BASE Jumper Mario Richard. She describes the human desire for feeling joy which comes from flying alone with only a thin veil of nylon fabric between your body and… Continue Reading

  • Interview with John H. Bosch: The Murder of Carl L. Harp

    Carl L. Harp is the subject of the upcoming documentary: Indelible: The Love and Rage of Carl L. Harp. His former cellmate and close friend, John H. Bosch, has come forward to do a series of interviews regarding their friendship, their work and Harp’s murder. This is an excerpt from one of the interviews.  

  • Mechanical Voice

    A video of a beautiful machine from 1890 which creates a high-quality bird song. Here is the link to the original posting on a Facebook public page.

  • Consciousness as Interface Between Conscious Agents

    Scientist Donald Hoffman describes his theory of consciousness, which he has modeled mathematically. A very cogent theory, where he models consciousness as an interface (like a computer graphical interface), constructed and used by “conscious agents”. This will be most useful for those with some grasp of computer science terminology.

  • Carl L. Harp’s Political Voice

    A letter written by Carl L. Harp, (subject of my film project, Indelible), a year before hïs brutal murder in prison. These letters offer a unique view into his dedication to his political work, beyond prison.

  • Regarding Recent Sniper Shootings

    Above: President Theodore Roosevelt and Friends. It is important to not take news stories about the recent sniper incidents at face value. We really do not know what is behind these shootings. I have learned much about these types of events through the current project I am working on, ( Indelible ). It involves understanding… Continue Reading