• Proportions

    Living seems to be made up of a certain brew containing only a few elements. Each life appears to have different proportions of each ingredient. But the brew has to be balanced in order for life to fully be. Otherwise it might end up as a sleeping potion, a poison, or a hallucinogen, all of… Continue Reading

  • Warm White

    The snow pack was 30 feet high that winter. My cabin was built on “stilts” yet still I had to dig steps into the snow to climb up over the bank and once on top slide down into the door. I was 19 years old. He was 26, and had killed before. Not because he… Continue Reading

  • Two Bodies

    This morning I was reading something by Mac McClellend. She describes herself as: “an award-winning journalist and author of For Us Surrender Is Out of the Question: A Story From Burma’s Never-Ending War. She’s reported in every region in the US, undercover in industry and sex work, and from international locations including Thailand, Haiti, Australia,… Continue Reading

  • Diane Roark: NSA Whistleblower

    Interview with Diane Roark. Rarely do you ever hear of Diane Roark, one of the initial NSA Whistleblowers who has endured many years of harassment by the US Government for daring to try to speak out against unconstitutional practices at the NSA. I learned of her story from an interview with NY Times reporter James… Continue Reading

  • Tableau

    The vulnerability that I guard because of the violence which was written once upon my body finds it’s mirror in the armor you have built around your soul; your child’s soul, sorely used as a tableau by those whose markings expressed a violent emptiness of their own; their actions had nothing to do with what… Continue Reading

  • Dean Potter

    Inspired by Dean Potter. Part 1 of his documentary, (it is a playlist so other parts should autoplay). Amazing slackliner. Also does BASE jumps with his heeler pup. Former partner Steph Davis is also amazing.  

  • The Seismic Shift of Choice.

    Hurricane Sandy ushered in a change in people’s lives beyond that which is brought by the force of wind and water. It may be merely symbolic, but since that day in late October a series of events occurred that seemed to show us the ills in our world, (the mass killing at Sandy Hook, the gang rapes ignored by authorities in India and Steubenville, OH). But if you look closely, a seismic shift has occurred and provided a small glimpse into how the escalation of corruption, cruelty, and the senseless destruction of life does not go on forever.