• I Dreamed I Met Phil Ochs Last Night

    Video above: Phil Ochs singing “There But for Fortune”, in 1964. As Phil Ochs became more politically effective, he encountered increased pressure from authorities, including, having his voice-box crushed by thugs, so he could no longer sing. Following the roots of the lyrics… Earlier I posted a version of this lyric structure, created for Claire… Continue Reading

  • I Dreamed I Saw Claire Culhane Last Night

    Claire Culhane was a tireless activist and author who worked fearlessly for the rights of others. She lived and worked in Canada. In 1979, she began a long correspondence with Carl L. Harp, whose life and wrongful death is the subject of my current project, Indelible. Claire helped to edit and obtain the publishing of… Continue Reading

  • To Follow Instinct

    An interview with reporter Seymour Hersh on the path he took to tell the story of the massacre at My Lai, in Vietnam, 47 years ago. He said no major newspaper would touch the story. He didn’t blame them. He said they just could not believe it really happened. And so he took a different… Continue Reading

  • Transfer

    There was something completely satisfying today about placing my index finger against the surface of a raindrop that was held on the edge of a branch, and watching the surface tension transfer from the branch to my finger; the water would run down in a rivulet, across my palm, and onto my wrist, changing its… Continue Reading

  • Winter in the Blood

    A film that allows the bodies of Native Americans, in modern culture show us the poison of one of our most destructive drugs, alcohol. Yet at the same time. It shows the transcendence that occurs in a strong culture, and a listening individual, even when immersed in such a debilitating drug and reality.

  • Empathy and Sharing Memories

    A clip from a lecture by a Canadian professor and neuroscientist whose research involves new technologies to enhance the sharing of information generated by our brains, including memory. In this clip he discusses the impact this sharing might have on our society.

  • Meaning Slips

    I am reposting this link which discusses language translators, Russian language, and Glagolitsa, in honor of Jan Berdyszak, a mentor and great artist, from Poland. I miss him already.

  • The Panopticon

    “The Panopticon must not be understood as a dream building: It is the diagram of a mechanism of power reduced to its ideal form.” Michel Foucault, Discipline and Punish, 1977 The Panopticon is a type of institutional building designed by English philosopher and social theorist Jeremy Bentham in the late eighteenth century. The concept of… Continue Reading