• Intangible Voice

    A special small podcast for May 30, 2016, for the documentary in progress, Indelible.  A discussion on the importance of the audible voice and memory, including historical memory within the context of Carl L. Harp’s history, or the telling of his-story. http://media.blubrry.com/indelible/p/nfold.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/lost-voice.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

  • The Landscape and Slope of Voice in America

    The weekly podcast for Indelible, for the week of May 28, 2016. This week’s podcast discusses new details regarding the structure and creation of Youth Correctional Facilities in California which impacted wards, including Carl Harp and George Jackson. It also discusses a new initiative being considered to force medicate U.S. Vets with PTSD. http://media.blubrry.com/indelible/p/nfold.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/common-elements.mp3Podcast: Play… Continue Reading

  • New Pioneers: Detroit

    As I watched the segment on Detroit  (above), from a film on the experience of time, I couldn’t help but wonder about the scale of devastation that can be seen when cities in the U.S. implode from financial shifts. There is much land here; wide vistas of openness—canyons, prairies and deserts. The cities of the… Continue Reading

  • The Aesthetics of Violence | The Ministry of Information

    This is the weekly podcast for Indelible: The Love and Rage of Carl L. Harp,  a forthcoming documentary film. The objects and acts of violence (considered beautiful by those who have engaged) are part of our world. They live along side us, yet we tend to not see them unless we must. http://media.blubrry.com/indelible/p/nfold.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/aesthetics-war-1.mp3Podcast: Play in… Continue Reading

  • The Clear Dangers of Enclosure

    Think about what assisted living might mean to someone forced to enter it, especially if they need to pay for it with the federal program of Medicaid. They must give over all of their income, being allowed to only keep for themselves sixty dollars a month. For a Vet, someone who was trained, lived and… Continue Reading

  • Indelible Podcast | Pawns and Kings

    The podcast for Indelible, the documentary in progress for the week of May 1, 2016. A discussion about youth correctional facilities in Traver and Tracey California in the 1960s, and links between these facilities with “deep pool fighting”, (mercenary fighting), in Guatamala and Vietnam. Also a discussion about the history of the Food Co-op wars… Continue Reading

  • The Density of Letterforms and Hieroglyphs

    A Tiny Thought: I have been thinking of hieroglyphs today and was reminded of an old memory of something I used to hold close: Derrida’s description of hieroglyphs. He referred to them as an expanded form of writing. He compared this form of writing to the abstract writing of our western languages. For instance, an… Continue Reading

  • The Man in a Full Mental Jacket: Ed Morrell

    A fascinating three-part series on a man named Ed Morrell. Morrell was thrown into prison in San Quentin in the early part of the twentieth century. He became known as “The Dungeon Man”, because he survived torture while in prison—torture that killed most men.  Writer Jack London became fascinated with his story after meeting him and… Continue Reading

  • I Choose to Fly: Steph Davis

    Rock climber and Wing Suit BASE Jumper, Steph Davis speaks about her desire for flying, even after the recent accidental death of her fellow jumper and husband, BASE Jumper Mario Richard. She describes the human desire for feeling joy which comes from flying alone with only a thin veil of nylon fabric between your body and… Continue Reading

  • Mechanical Voice

    A video of a beautiful machine from 1890 which creates a high-quality bird song. Here is the link to the original posting on a Facebook public page.